Celebrity Role Models

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While scouring the internet for news in the celebrity world, we came upon this little gem: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/18/miley-cyrus-chris-brown-worst-celebrity-role-models_n_3460902.html?utm_hp_ref=celebrity


Which got us thinking, what kind of role models should celebrities be? Should they be role models? Is there such a thing as bad press?


Well, whether we like it or not, celebrities are always in the spotlight, so we always see what they’re up to, what they wear, who they date, what they eat for breakfast (thanks for that Twitter). We could go on and on. Because of that, they are almost default role models because people wish they were these celebrities, lived their seemingly fabulous lives, and had their wealth. It is then up to the celebrities, like everyone else in the world, to set a good example. We believe that if you have to power to shape the world, then use that power to make it a better place. This idea can be summed up in one word: Oprah. She’s got her stuff together and we should all strive to be so generous.


But what about the celebrities that people think are a bad influence? According to this article, the ladies made it on the list for making bad life choices and the guys made it on the list for their arrogance or infidelity.We can’t deny it, we are always talking about these bad celebrities. Amanda Bynes’s little escapades are on constant watch, Britney Spears’s meltdown was the train wreck you couldn’t stop watching, and Lindsay Lohan’s habitual (and unsuccessful) stints in rehab seem to be a constant in the celebrity news cycle. With that said, we don’t believe that bad press is a good thing. We help out a lot of young and up and coming actors and we want these young people to be successful, but not have them be remembered for the bad decisions they made.

Think about it. Would you rather be remembered for your amazing skills or your crazy antics?


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