Ugly Pretty


If you’ve ever seen “America’s Next Top Model”, you’ve probably heard Tyra Banks tell the models to be ugly-pretty, especially when it come to editorial photo shoots that they do on the show. You may be wondering what exactly is this term and what’s so great about it?


The term ugly-pretty with regards to fashion is about making an unconventional image with your body whether it’s with your facial features or the way you position your body. By creating an image that would usually considered as “ugly” or strange can then become beautiful in the right setting.


One of the reasons why this idea is so popular and prevalent in the fashion industry is because it creates something that is unique. The fashion industry, especially high fashion likes poses and images that are striking and gets people to stop and really look at the picture, whether it’s to sell a particular product (a dress, a bag, shoes, etc…) or simply as an advertisement about a particular brand or fashion house.


We are in contact with a lot of models and aspiring models, and the one thing that they all have in common is that they don’t convey the conventional ideas of beauty. The next time you look through Vogue Magazine or Harper’s Bazaar, look a little closer at the model’s face. They may have a gap between their teeth, high foreheads, or even pink hair or eyebrows. The images are meant to be provocative and ugly pretty definitely fits the bill.


What does that mean for you? Well, if you want to be a model in the fashion industry, then get in front of a mirror and practice your ugly-pretty face.


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