From Child Stardom and Beyond


For those lucky enough to become a star at a young age, growing up in the limelight can be a very unique experience, and not always a good one. So the question then becomes how do you transition from a child star to a mature actor without too much mishap?


While we can’t provide a cookie cutter answer that works for everyone, we can look at some great examples of child stars that have made the transition well. Allyssa Milano, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Neil Patrick Harris all have gone from being child actors to respected and celebrated actors now that they are adults, starring in successful films and TV shows. You can even see musicians such as Taylor Swift grow up before our eyes and even model Tyra Banks starting out as a model as a teenager and still garner success as she grows up.


What seems to be the common thread between these people? Part of it seems to simply be personality. Like everyone else in the world, child stars can usually succeed as they mature if they keep a good head on their shoulders and have a good support system. In a recent interview Alyssa Milano said, “”I have a great family, and I look at a lot of these kids who struggle in the industry and think they’d have struggled no matter what they did.”


Another important common theme seems to be to simply keep working. If you look at the filmography credits of stars that started out at an early age, they didn’t stop after that one role that skyrocketed them into stardom, they kept going. Some great examples of  this would be Drew Barrymore or Dakota Fanning. While continuing to work can’t guarantee success, it does seem to be a way of building up not only your skills, but also your reputation.


With the constant antics of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes making splashes on headlines, a child should always remember to be cautious, but with such examples, young hopefuls shouldn’t be discouraged about pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.


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