Fairytales and the Modern Age



We’re sure that when you were little, you’ve probably heard a fairytale as a bedtime story. Thanks to Disney little girls around the world wish that they were princesses like Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, and all the other lovely ladies of the Disney Princesses club.  Although we would usually consider fairytales as simply children’s stories, they seem to be making a big comeback in the world of entertainment and are being targeted for a an older audience.


You see television shows such as Grimm and Once Upon a Time and they have been quite successful, meaning that there are a lot of people watching these shows. With that said, these aren’t your grandmother’s fairytales. TV show producers have made the the stories grittier like in Grimm and have changed have made hybrid stories. In Once Upon a Time Little Red Riding Hood was the wolf, the new Sleeping Beauty movie is titled “Maleficent” with Angelina Jolie as the title character, meaning that we get to see the point of view of the witch. Once Upon a Time is even getting its own spin off this Fall that focuses on Alice in Wonderland. Last summer, Snow White got two movies about her, one more funny and the other grittier and darker.


Why have fairy tales become so popular in Hollywood?


These stories are classics that everyone is familiar with and love. That means that there is probably a great chance for success, but it also allows for creativity for the script writers. Everyone is familiar with the original stories, so to keep things interesting, we see new interpretations. We get to see stories told from different points of views, like the villains and learn why they did what they did. Also, fairy tales will always be relevant because they always keep hope alive. In all the stories the true love prevails and the bad guys don’t. They’re stories about self discovery and learning to cope and thrive in all kinds of situations.


We want to know what do you think of this new trend. Which fairy tale will be the next to get it’s own TV show or movie?



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