What Makes a Good Film Soundtrack?



It is a truth universally known that the music of a film can either make or break the overall movie. With such iconic music coming from movies like Jaws, Requiem for a Dream, and Moulin Rouge, we still love listening to that great music. In the wake of the buzz that the eclectic mix of artists that the Great Gatsby movie has on its soundtrack we go to thinking: What makes a great film soundtrack? What makes some soundtracks great and others so forgettable?


Well as simple as it may seem, the music has to fit the feel of the scene and the overall film. What made the Jaws soundtrack so great was that even though it was a simple and repetitive instrumental piece, but it created that feeling of danger coming at you and that feeling of suspense that surrounded the film itself. The marriage of music and film is a very strong one and the product of it is certain instrumental companies that were created to score the film teasers. Companies like Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music, Position Music, Audiomachine and composers like Nick Phoenix and Mark Petrie help create that first enticement for people to come and see the movie.


Adele’s addition to the new James Bond movie is a great example of movies using famous artists to create buzz for the movie as a whole. Like all music in general, it’s all a matter of taste, and what one person likes another may not. When it comes to movie soundtracks, the popularity of the soundtrack is usually tied to the success of the movie. It can be the appeal of loud brassy instruments that creates a feeling of grandiosity in your favorite adventure movie or it can be that soft string playing in the background of the tragic romance that has you reaching for tissues.


Let us know what you think. Which is your favorite movie soundtrack? What do you love most about it?


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