Ladies Rule



We know that in normal medieval times, it was the guys making all the decisions, but we’re glad to so that that’s thrown out the window when it comes to the ultra popular series “Game of Thrones”. While we’re not going to give away any particular plot points, we’ll still issue this spoiler alert those few either haven’t watched it at all or haven’t caught up yet.


The Mothers: some of the most powerful women in this show are mothers, especially Catelyn Stark and Cercei Lannister. These women  will do just about anything for their families. What makes these women so great is the fact that they aren’t portrayed just as mothers. Both women are strong and shrewd women who are very aware of what is going on politically. Cercei is queen and influential in court. Catelyn, in season 2 and 3 is giving military and political advice to her son Robb. They are very aware of  what is going on in the realm.


An extension of this role is the grandmother, especially Olenna Redwyne, played by Dianna Rigg. Olenna may be up there in years, but she is sharper and more cunning than the men around her. She makes her moves and decisions as if she was playing the most complicated game of chess ever. Like Cercei and Catelyn, her main goal is the protect her family and make sure that they thrive and survive.


The Warriors: The ladies in the this show are not just for looking pretty. Brienne of Tarth and Ygritte are both skilled warriors and can go toe-to-toe with any guy. Arya too is on her way from going to the archetypal tomboy to the warrior as she has learned to sword fight. These ladies show that there are all different kinds of strength. Brienne has brute strength on her side and is probably more powerful than half the male knights she meets. Ygritte and Arya are more cunning and show that smarts are just as important when it comes to a battle. Meera Reed also falls into this category as she is the one that is the warrior in her family is the one who protects her younger brother Jojen.


Another interesting character who is also portrayed as a warrior is Asha/Yara Greyjoy. She was the only child that was with her father in the Iron Islands with a people that can only be compared to as a Viking society and takes her role seriously. She has her own ship and crew that will follow her and fight for her because she has proved herself to be a good leader, unlike her younger brothers who simply expects people to respect him.


The Princess/Queen: These ladies are not your average ideas of a princess. While the character of Sansa Stark is portrayed as the innocent princess character that is waiting to be rescued, the rest of the royal ladies take their destiny in their own hands. The Queen Beyond the Sea starts off as a meek girl, but soon sheds that meekness as she becomes stronger especially emotionally. Now Daenerys Targaryen has dragons, loyal followers and an ever growing army. She is ready to take her throne.


A much more subtle royal is Margaery Tyrell. Margaery takes after her grandmother and is more clever; she is an ambitious woman. She wants to be THE queen. She also knows to use what she has. Although she seems nothing but sweet and soft spoken, she has succeeded where Cercei has failed and has tamed the villainous Joffrey.


The Witch:  Melissandre may, in fact, the most dangerous character of all. She actually uses magic and has earned her place as the council for one of the many men vying for the role of King. Her visions and powers have proven to be an amazing asset and she can very well be a key player as the series goes on.


All in all, we love that the series shows that women can have power too and although some of these ladies, may be thought of as devious, characters like Arya and Brienne are fan favorites and for a good reason. We can’t wait to see what these ladies will do in Season 4!

Now the only question remains: Which of the ladies do you think should be sitting on this bad boy?



One thought on “Ladies Rule

  1. This show does such a wonderful job with the female characters. Daenerys is my favorite, but I love Arya and Ygritte too. I’ve been impressed with Margaery this past season. I think she is one of the characters they have actually improved in the show. She gets a lot more character development than in the books, so that has been fun to see as a book-reader.

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