It’s Good To Be A Nerd



Especially these last 4 days if you were at San Diego for Comic Con. Over the years, this event has blossomed from a 300 person attendance list to a behemoth of an event. Sometimes hailed as the last greatest community event, people anxiously wait for it every year. It’s the one place where dressing up in costume (when it’s not Halloween) is not only considered normal, but almost a requisite of showing up. It’s where knowledge of the minutest detail about your favorite story is happily debated upon, and where everyone gathers to celebrate in their fandom.


Hollywood has taken notice as well as they now come to San Diego every year and hold panels for countless television shows and movies. You have TV show alums such as Castle, How I Met Your Mother, and the Vampire Diaries make repeat appearances and give their fans something to look forward to every year. You get countless teasers and panels of movies and shows to come such as Game of Thrones, Ender’s Game, and apparently a remake of Godzilla.


But as Morgan Spurlock shows in his movie “Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope” (quite possibly considered a love letter to the event) it isn’t just for panels and teasers. Comic Con is also a place where people look for work and exposure that want to enter into the comic or entertainment industry.




Honestly, we’re not afraid to admit that Comic Con is our favorite time of the year as well. The anticipation and the overall excitement over all of the great things that come out of this convention are nothing short of wonderful, so to all of the nerds out there, we say carry on and may the force be with you.


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