Living the Grumpy American Dream


Only in America, can a picture of an extremely grumpy looking cat become a world famous meme. In fact, so famous that said cat now has its own book. Never heard of the Grumpy Cat? Stop reading this blog, look it up and then come back and read the rest….


Great, you’re back! The book itself, from what we’ve seen of the Amazon preview looks pretty hilarious. It includes some of the best Grumpy Cat memes and images that we have all come to know and love and also tips on how to be grumpy, because it seems that fun is just so overrated these days.


We feel that this is one of those times that we can honestly and proudly say, only in America can a cat have its own book, a most likely successful book. It’ll probably make a great bedtime story for all the little ones and then the parents can secretly read it too afterwards. There’s no shame in enjoying a good book, we’ll read it with you!


Grumpy Cat, if you are reading this blog (which would quite wonderful of you) we will enthusiastically congratulate you on your great book. We’ll know you’ve read this post if we see a meme of you making a new Grumpy post about us. We’ll be waiting Grumpy Cat.


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