Need For Originality



Hollywood is a fickle business who doesn’t always know what it wants until it finally gets something good. This summer hasn’t really been so great for movies, riddled with monsters, destruction, and superheroes. Guess what though? It’s not working anymore. Movies like “Pacific Rim” and “Man of Steel” are being compared to the Transformers franchise and say that there is nothing original about these big budget movies.


That makes sense, when “Transformers” came out, it was a fresh and new concept of large robots and prolonged fights scenes, but now it seems that every action movie is following this formula, almost to the point of excess. The main issue being that because it takes so much to make these kinds of effects, movie makers are under pressure to make returns on these big movie effects and just keep getting bigger and bigger.


Well, if it’s true that the American public votes with their wallets, then the wallets have spoken and it seems lower budget movies with more storytelling seem to be popular. Comedy such as “The Heat” for grown ups and “Monsters University” for kids are what the people want. Low budget like “The Conjuring” have also done well this summer.


A message to movie makers: if your movies cost less to make, then the ticket prices don’t have to be as much, and more people will actually go to the movies. Groundbreaking, right? Don’t worry, we still believe in you Hollywood. We know you can do it.


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