Comedic Advertising


With advertising agencies becoming so popular for television shows, it seemed to be long overdue that they get a comedic spin on this seemingly serious business. The new show “The Crazy Ones” seems to do just that, especially if Robin Williams is involved. We’ve always been fans of the funny man and it seems that the cast seems to think so as well, as Sarah Michelle Gellar said, “To me, if you think of the top 10 comics of all time, Robin’s on that list.” It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Robin Williams in the small screen, not since his alien comedy “Mindy and Mork” and we’re excited to see him again.


At the end of the day, the creators hope that “Overall, Winer said, the show “aspires to be a great workplace comedy … It’s a show about a father and a daughter that are reconnecting. Part of the ambition is to be really funny as well as surprisingly emotional and touching.”  


Workplace comedies are a favorite of ours because they are so relatable, and they work well. The Office is a perfect example of workplace comedy done right, so we expect some great things from this new show. With great chemistry between the actors (from what we’ve seen in the previews), a budding bromance, and the perfect mix of funny as both comic and heartfelt. The only way this show could be better is with a John Hamm cameo or starring in an episode where he’s the boss of a rival advertising agency.


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