The Power of the Fandom


Be warned TV show creators, the fans are the ones in charge and they know it. Assuming that the name of the game is ratings, gathering the most amount of viewers is key, but never count out a niche audience. Why is that you ask? Because they are extra loyal to the show.


Case in point: ever heard of a little campaign called Save The Borgias? Fans were quite upset that they wouldn’t get a fourth season, especially now that the show was really starting to pick up, they didn’t lament the loss and move on, they decided to start an online campaign with the help of social media power that got everyone’s attention and at some point, even sent sardines to Showtime executives.


While we’re not fans of guerilla tactics when it comes to getting attention, they can get a lot of attention. Community is still on the air because of a small but loyal following, the fans of Veronica Mars were quite miffed when the show was cancelled and took to aerial tactics and decided to send Mars Bars (at least those are better tasting than sardines) and now are getting a movie.


What does this all mean? The television game is hard. The Borgias was cancelled because it was getting too expensive and it didn’t have enough viewers to warrant a 4th season. Only time will tell if the fans can come through and have their 4th season.


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