Hosting The Oscars

With news of Ellen DeGeneres hosting announcing that she’s hosting the Oscars for the second time, we got really excited because it’s time for another list. Hosting the Oscars is nothing short of an artform that some can do in their sleep, and some just can’t seem to get it right. It seemed only right that we count down our favorite Oscar hosts of all time.


1. Bob Hope. Yes, we probably haven’t seen the many actually host unless you can get your hands on old videos of the Oscars, but if the sheer number of times he’s hosted has to mean something: 14 times, more than anyone else. Bob must have been doing something right.


2. Billy Crystal. Having accepted hosting duties 9 times, he knows how to get it right. Our favorite moment has to be when he put on the Hannibal Lecter mask. A good joke needs commitment, and Crystal had it in spades.


3. Whoopi Goldberg. Her method of choice was crazy costumes and we loved it! From the Queen of England to the African Queen, she isn’t afraid to go the extra mile, to make you laugh.


4. Hugh Jackman: Good looking guy? Check. Can sing and dance? Double check! He brought showmanship back the the Oscars that probably had everyone tapping their toes to all the singing and dancing he brought to the show.


5. John Stewart. The second time he hosted, there were a lot of grim movies nominated, but that didn’t stop Stewart. Instead he made some great jokes like “Does this town need a hug?” and great parodies of the nomination as only Stewart can.


6. Ellen DeGeneres: Ellen is a funny woman and did a pretty great job her first time around. Now that all the first time jitters are out of the way, we know it will only get better. 


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