It Never Gets Old


We’ve probably all read his works in high school, know about his most famous plays and apparently, he has the most adaptable material known to man. We are, of course talking about Will Shakespeare. Although his material was written in Elizabethan England and a modern audience can’t understand half the words that the actual works are saying, there seems to be something innately human about his stories, something that everyone can relate to.


It seems that Hollywood seems to really love the bard, with some great films that have been adapted versions of his plays. They are modernized versions of his direct work (think Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo+Juliet”) to the more subtle adaptations. “10 Things I Hate About You” (both the movie and TV show) are based on the “The Taming of the Shrew” though thankfully the adaptations have happy endings. “West Side Story” used actual rival gangs instead of Italian families, but it’s basically a Romeo and Juliet story and we’re sure that at some point you’ve had that moment when we realize that “The Lion King” is “Hamlet” with singing.


Wait, what’s that you say? It never occurred to you? It’s ok, it took us awhile too.


Using themes like love, hate, deception, and power, it just seems that you can never go wrong. We’ve all experienced these emotions or know of someone who has at some point or another. Take away the “wherefore art thou” and replace that with 21st century English, and we have a Hollywood movie ready to go.


Which is your favorite Shakespeare story/modern day adaptation?



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