A Rare Event



No, we’re not talking about a solar eclipse, but something even more elusive, a really good romantic comedy. Can you ever remember the last time you saw a good one? Romantic comedies have become very formulaic, and for some that may be a comforting idea (you know to expect a happy ending) it really doesn’t do much for creativity, so what does go into making a good rom com?


On screen chemistry is a must and it can’t be faked. It’s a very tricky thing to get. Some people like Sandra Bullock or Emma Stone have onscreen chemistry with a lot of people, which is why you seen them in a lot of them. It’s everything because without that chemistry the story is completely contrite and you don’t root for the characters in the story.


It’s always better to make it seem as close to real life as possible. Everyone knows about relationships in one way or another. The really good romantic comedies come from the real life experiences of either the people who write the script or the actors. It makes the story seem more genuine and more relatable.


Don’t be afraid to actually be funny. Watching an hour and a half of just cliche is no fun. Movies like Knocked Up, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, and even Bridesmaids are romantic comedies, but they’re not afraid to be funny too. This is really helpful because it won’t be just women who want to watch the movies. Don’t be afraid to be complicated. Ask anyone in real life, love is not simple and problems can’t be solved with a trip to the airport and a declaration of your undying love. So don’t be afraid to explore what would happen in real life.  


While the summer hasn’t really delivered in this genre, there’s always one on the horizon to look forward to.


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