The Life of a Sitcom Character


The lives of a sitcom characters are pretty great. They’re usually successful, 20 somethings that are all relatively good looking, have great apartments in large cities such as New York or Los Angeles and are usually in bars with friends. Sounds nice, right? Well, if nothing else, it seems to be the magic formula for a great sitcom: Friends, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, they all have the same basic premise but with different characters and stories.


Unfortunately, the life a 20 something in real life isn’t just there. They don’t have that great job (like being an architect or news reporter) right out of college, finding a beautiful and massive apartment and paying for it yourself means a diet of ramen and dreams, and you probably don’t have time to see your friends all the time.


Why do we still love watching these shows? It’s the modern fairy tale. People aren’t waiting to be rescued anymore, but we can still dream of being young and successful. Soap operas have been capitalizing on this ideas since the beginning of time. Dynasty wasn’t about a family that was struggling to find a job. Yet, we still dream. Women dream of being Carrie Bradshaw and being able to walk around all day in 6 inch heels without feeling the need to cry,  and every dreams of living a comfortable life with funny stories to tell.


Even though it’s not completely true to real life, these sitcoms do give us great characters, great story lines, a pretty great laugh, and something to reach for, and that’s good enough for us.


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