One Dress to Fit Them All

(Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kate Upton (ELLE/Harper’s Bazaar/ELLE)


Gucci seems to be doing something right with this beautiful cut out dress worn by three different, but equally beautiful bombshells. Seeming to transcend age and body types, has Gucci stumbled upon the magic formula?


The dress itself is quite wonderful to look with its cutouts and sequin and feather accents making the dress a couture lover’s dream come true, but it seems that Gucci seems to understands what makes a woman looks good from the lean Lively and Parker to the curvaceous Upton . With said said, confidence has everything to do with pulling off any kind of dress and these ladies ooze it here.


There are some differences with the dresses, mainly the colors as SJP is wearing a blue one with longer sleeves, they seem to fit the ladies perfectly. While we regular mortals can only admire this dress from far away and the pages of fashion magazines, we can always dream and buy the department store version.


Where would you wear this kind of fabulous design?


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