Learning From Comic Books


Yes, since Joss Whedon and big entertainment companies have gotten a hold on comic books, they have become movies where people can get their action kicks, watch people use cool gadgets that we wish we could own (Bruce Wayne we’re talking to you) and watch a lot of buildings get destroyed. But underneath all that actions and cool powers, like all good stories, there are some underlying messages that we can learn.


Comic book heroes teach us that we all have the capacity for greatness. Whether that’s through an alter ego or the different side of you that people don’t always see or through the instinct to help people like first responders and police man. Even though you may be afraid of the situation, you need/desire to help people will override that fear. We all have it in us.


What we wear is important. As the costume is important to the super hero, what we wear in real life is important as well. Your clothes are probably the first things that people notice about you and it’s what helps form that first impression. The lesson: superhero or normal person, choose your costume carefully.


Everyone is unique and that difference is your strength. There is no superhero that is exactly alike any other one, just like in real life. There’s only one of you and that’s a power in its own right. Own your individuality and uniqueness and make it your strength.


Even superheroes have faced adversity or just had a bad day. Like real life, there will be both good times and bad times, what makes a super hero great, a lesson that we could learn, is that you face your problems and learn from them. Giving up shouldn’t be an option, because it’s from the mistakes that we learn for next time.


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