How Do You Recover From the Loss of a Major Character?


Whether it’s the untimely demise of Cory Monteith in “Glee” or the untimely (TV) demise of Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens and his leaving the show, the producers and writers have the daunting task of finding how to replace the character and move on with the show into the next season. The answer to the question in the title seems to be to introduce a lot of new characters into the storyline. For Glee, it’s the addition of Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato for their powerhouse voices and probably give the original cast (both the ladies and Kurt) a run for their diva status. In Downton, you have suitors for the grieving widow (some pretty good looking ones too http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/20/new-men-downton-abbey-season-4_n_3784510.html?utm_hp_ref=entertainment&ir=Entertainment)


The practice of the introduction of new characters is usually the best way to bring life to an otherwise sad situation. They tend to shake things up, it’s actually probably the main reason for their addition. They test the main characters’ boundaries and offer new opportunities. They can be the new hero or the new villian.


A moment of appreciation should be taken for the these creators, writers, and producers who decide to shake things up and move on from the loss of a major loss. Whether it’s out of necessity or just a general creative drive, it takes guts to introduce new characters into a well established show. You don’t really know how the audience will react, especially the devoted ones. We can’t wait for the fall season to begin and see what’s in store for these shows and these new characters.


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