In Pursuit of the Perfect Six Pack

While the female population of Hollywood faces a certain expectation when it comes to body image, it seems they are no longer the only ones. New moms are expected to get back into bikini shape in record time and just an overall expectation to basically look model thin. Now, even the men have their own body issues to deal with and what was once an issue that was associated mainly with the sports world has leaked into the entertainment world: steroids.


Actors such as Mickey Rourke and Arnold Schwarzenegger have admitted to using PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) to get an amazing physique. Being in top shape is even harder to do for actors who are over 40 years old and it is simply harder for them (biologically) to achieve the same results that they could at 20 years old. “The pressure to perform in Hollywood is no different than it is in Major League Baseball,” says nutritionist and performance coach Mike Dolce, who has helped MMA star-turned-actor Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and CSI: NY’s A.J. Buckley get natural results. “These are people whose salaries are partially dependent upon how they look. Unfortunately, for those who take drugs, it’s a short-term improvement followed by a crash. Their bodies and hormonal chemistry go to hell.” (Hollywood Reporter Article)


Part of the reason for this growing problem is the fact that actors are given about 2 months of time to basically completely change their body from what it originally is to one that would rival a lifelong athlete. The task itself, is not easy. It involves intense physical training and a very strict diet that requires a herculean amount of discipline for such a short amount of time given to achieve it.


The real problem with this growing trend is that it sets impossibly high standards for teenagers who watch these movie stars and think that the only way that they can look like that is through steroids. With the numbers of teenagers using PEDs, this is a real concern. Working with and coming into contact with a lot of young actors, we want to  make sure that their health is a priority. If that is something that they want to do, remember that it can be done naturally.


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