Giving Percy Jackson A Chance


We know that in your heart of hearts, there will never be another wizarding series like Harry Potter and there is a whole generation of people that are absolutely downtrodden by the fact that they never did get their letter to Hogwarts (count us among them!) but that doesn’t mean we can’t welcome other heroes into our hearts. Now with the the Harry Potter movies over and the cast moving on the other projects, it may be time to give Percy Jackson a chance at winning our hearts and here are 8 reasons why:


1. In a sea of heroines in the young adult novels, we finally have a leading man. While we love strong female characters, the guys should have their chance at the spotlight too.

2. Logan Lerman plays the title character. This guy shows a lot of great potential and growth as an actor.

3. Greek Gods. Forget about wands and spells, this series has Greek Gods and all the drama that comes along with them, because at the end of the day, they’re just an extremely dysfunctional family. In the power department, we’re pretty sure gods pretty much are at the top.

4. The Greek God in our time. This isn’t some story set back in the olden times, but in modern times. We get to see more of them in the second movie and in our opinion Nathan Fillion as Hermes and Stanley Tucci as Mr. D were the perfect casting because, let’s face it, these men can do no wrong. It makes so much sense that UPS is run by a Greek god. Suspicions confirmed!


5. The romance. Remember when you secretly hoped that Harry and Hermione to end up together? (Admit it, Ginny and Harry together was a little out of left field). We might actually have a chance of that in this series. We love it when the hero ends up with the smart girl. Since we didn’t get in Harry Potter, let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will happen in this series.

6. The movies are getting better. We know that the first wasn’t that great, but the second has done a lot better and they can only get better from here. It seems that a boost in their budget did the franchise some good and the time allowed the actors to mature.

7. The books are a really great read. The movies are based on the books written by Rick Riordan, so if you get impatient and just can’t wait to find out what happens, you can read the books.

8. The villain. Move over Voldemort, yes we will say his name, kind of seems like small stuff when you’re comparing him with a Titan. As crazy as Voldemort was, Kronos is worse.


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