A Little Video Series You Might Have Heard About…

Jane Austen may have only written 6 book in her lifetime, but boy are they popular, the most popular one is Pride and Prejudice. Since then there have been a slew of adaptations for her novels, including one about zombies, but we’re going to call it and say that the “Lizzie Bennet Diaries” is probably the best one and the Emmys agree.


Having won the Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media, this web series has taken off and something that everyone should watch. Having pared down the details of the original novel, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries answers the question: what would the Bennets be like if they live in modern day America. The answer: pretty hilarious. The series is set up in the form of a video blog as made by Lizzie Bennet as she tells the people what’s happening in her life as she is on her last leg of grad school and a new neighbor, Bing Lee, is moving in next door.


What makes this webseries so great? It seems to be a combination of great actors, costumes, funny accents, and a lot of interruptions. Though mostly told from Lizzie’s perspective, many of the other characters, accept the parents, are included in videos as well. Most importantly, the dynamic between Darcy and Lizzie is still as interesting as the original novel. Our only gripe with it is that you don’t actually see Mr. Darcy until well into the series, actually…more like towards the end of it.


With a lot of heart and a whole lot of interactivity the series has garnered a lot support. The character even have their own twitter account. Fans can talk to the characters as if they were real people, which is probably what helped them win the coveted Emmy. Why does this format work so well? While this could have very well worked as a tv show, getting just snippets of someone’s life once a week makes it seem so much more real and makes us want to root for these characters that so many have come to know and love.


You still haven’t watched it yet? We got you covered! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KisuGP2lcPs&list=SP6690D980D8A65D08


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