Our Dream Cast for Once Upon a Time

We love fairy tales, we even did a post about them popping up in entertainment a while ago. So, with the constant updates of who is slated to star in the new season of Once Upon a Time, one of our favorite shows, it seemed only right that we throw in our two cents and tell the world who we hope to see in future episodes of this wonderful show and the spin off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


In no particular order, here are our dream cast of characters:

The heroes:

Aladdin: If there’s going to a genie in the spin off show, it seems only right that Aladdin comes along for the ride. He can possibly come in as a helper for Alice and company in the show.

Princess Jasmine: We can’t have Aladdin without his lady love. She would also be a great addition to the princesses that are already in Once Upon a Time.

Rapunzel- Ever since “Tangled”, we’ve fallen in love with the this character and would love to see what the show can do with her, especially the hair.

Jim Hawkins: True, Treasure Planet is one the more forgotten Disney movies, but it would be such a great addition to the many worlds that the Once Upon a Time franchise already has. He’s a great character to play as an adventurer looking for Treasure, a great story line for the show.


The Villians:

Ursula- This one seems to be a given considering they’ve already cast Ariel and Prince Eric, they have to have Ursula, we’d be pretty surprised if she didn’t show up.

Cruella De Ville- With a dangerous combination of wealth and general obsession with a monochromatic color scheme, she can do some serious damage to Storybrooke and be some stiff competition for the resident baddies.

The Snow Queen- In the Hans Christian Anderson stories, her magic mirror shatters and with some its pieces falling into Kai’s heart and eyes making him evil and later goes to the Snow Queen’s palace. Gerda, his best friend, then goes on a journey to rescue him. We can just imagine her ice palace and she’s a complicated character and a classic fairy tale for kids.

Scar from The Lion King: But in human form…Can you imagine? It would be a dream come true if Jeremy Irons (who voiced the character in the movie) could play the Shakespearean villain with all the gravitas that only he can pull off.


That’s our list, who do you want to see in the next seasons?


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