The Future of Studio Ghibli

With the news that Hayao Miyazaki is retiring (in all seriousness this time) the future of Studio Ghibli may be in a very interesting place. With films such as “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Princess Mononoke” and “Spirited Away”, the completely hand drawn films always have brought whimsy hand in hand with clear message of being in harmony with nature and with one another with Miyazaki once saying, “I wanted to convey the message to children that this life is worth living,” he said. “This message has not changed.”


The good news is that Miyazaki will not be leaving studio Ghibli completely, but the future is now in the hands of the next generation. That opens the door to so many possibilities, could one of those be a live action movie? We would be excited for the prospect of possibly seeing if the magic that Miyazaki brings to his animations can translate into a live action movie.


As Miyazaki said in his press conference, “There’s an end to everything,” he said. “It’s best not to wait to retire when one is already in a decline.” While we are sad to see that one of the great animators of our time has retired, we are excited to see what the next chapter in Studio Ghibli will bring.


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