What We’ve Learned From Fashion Week

Fashion week is that special time of year when everyone come together to see models walking to down the runway and everyone makes predictions about what will be trendy in the future. It’s a time for creativity and letting your imagination run wild. While these outfits are made from world class designers that will never be in the hands of the general populace, there are still things that we can do to look stylish. And in true CASTINGHUB style, we countdown the 10 things we’ve learned from this year’s New York Fashion Week.


10. Guys, sleeves are  no longer cool.


9. If you can still fit into your dance outfits from dance class, rock them!


8. There is no such thing as too much ruffles. Ever.

7. Everyone loves babies. This one even make Anna Wintour smile!


6. A girl can also do no wrong with fringe.

5. This is now fashionably acceptable everywhere, not just in rodeos.


4. Dogs will always steal the show. These reporters don’t even care about the models. 


3. Write your name on long gloves in order to be truly cool.


9. Invest in a pair of google glasses.


1. Your best accessory is a smile!


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