In Defense of 3D Movies

We know that some people believe that making movies is considered to be nothing more than a gimmick, but we are supporters of the new technology and here are some reasons why:


1. It’s simply the next step in technology when it comes to cinematography.  Remember when we first got color movies and TV shows?

2. When done right the visuals can be spectacular. 3D doesn’t have to always be things popping or exploding in your face (that’s the part that makes it a gimmick). 3D movies usually have much crisper and sharper images in general, making the movies more fun to look at.

3. It’s already being transferred to TV. People are obviously excited about the technology that they already want to bring it into their homes.


4. Admit it, it’s probably the reason why you went to see Avatar.

5. Overall, we’ve come a long way in the art of storytelling. There’s no way why you shouldn’t embrace it.



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