Oscar Producer’s Did You Watch The Emmys On Sunday?

Watching the Emmys always seems to be a fun affair for both the audience at home and the one who is sitting front and center. Musical numbers were performed, there were many surprise winners (which always adds the attention getting shock value) and a very touching tribute to stars gone too soon. The Emmys were fast paced and although the Oscars have their own format, small changes can make a pretty big difference.


1. Don’t front load you show: Everyone looks forward to the opening monologue of the Oscars and then it’s simply on with the show. The Emmys this year kept people engaged with a musical number in the middle of the show with Nathan Fillion and Sarah Silverman and kept going strong throughout the rest of the show.


2. The acceptance speech: Everyone was given one minute to speak and say their thank yous, as opposed to the three minute speeches that you see at the Oscars. It keeps things short and sweet and gives the show a better flow.


3. Don’t be afraid to have fun: The host shouldn’t be the only one having fun. Maybe because there are more heavy hitters at the Oscars, everyone is more serious. In the Emmys, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and Julia Luis Dreyfus all had fun adding their bit of humor to the show, and it really paid off.


4. Let Meryl Streep Win!:  The woman has been nominated 17 time overall and the last time she won, she had 12 years for it. Seeing as she is so good she basically gets nominated every year, she deserves a little bit more love from the Oscars.



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