Made For A Good Costume Drama


Costume dramas have a very specific appeal because they take us back to the time of extremely good manners and reaffirm our deep appreciation for the technology that we have today. Some actors and actresses are perfect for costume dramas that they are in high demand. Here are some actors and actress that were probably born in the wrong time period.


1. Keira Knightley: From pirates of the Caribbean, Atonement, The Duchess, and Anna Karenina, she was made to be put into


2. Holliday Grainger: Although she is relatively new face in the entertainment world, she has already played Lucrezia Borgia, Estalla, Sophia (Merlin)  and now will be starring in the new tv movie Bonnie and Clyde.

3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers: He seems to ooze charm and command your attention, so it comes at no surprise that he has played King Henry (the one with 6 wives), starred in Gormenghast, and now will be playing Dracula.


4. Colin Firth: who will forever be known as Mr. Darcy. He has played other roles that take place in the modern day and don’t require the wearing of a top hat, but he will always be known for starring in Pride and Prejudice and making women everywhere swoon.

5. Gillian Anderson: In America she’ll always be associated with the X Files, but she’s also the quintessential Dickens woman, having already tackled roles as Ms. Haversham and Lady Deadlock.

6. Judi Dench: or sometimes simply referred to as the Dame. IT seems almost unfair that she wasn’t born into royalty, so it seems that it’s only fair that she has starred in so many costume dramas depicting such high born women.


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