Passing On The WB Torch

With great shows like Friends, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars , and Smallville, the WB was THE network for all of your teenage angst and just some good entertainment fun. While the CW tries to follow in those footsteps, it really doesn’t match up. There are some great exceptions like The Vampire Diaries and The Arrow.


So who is the new WB? We’re putting our support for ABC Family. They showcase  lot of young and new talent. So all those teenages that you see on the shows are actually close to that age in real life. It really strives to look for new faces and gives the world a new generation of talent to look forward to. The shows are complicated and they don’t shy away from heavy themes. It understands that teenagers crave interesting shows that aren’t simple or sugar coated.


ABC Family also understands its audience, predominantly female and gives them lots of eye candy, which really never hurts. It also shows a lot of diversity. There are LGBT characters, characters of different ethnicities, and also those with disabilities and in our head, any network that can make PLT, it pretty great in our book.


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