Art Imitating Life

If you haven’t seen at least one episode of Modern Family, you have been missing out. Besides being extremely funny, it strikes a chord with audiences and shows that families now come in all shapes and sizes. The season has just started and it already promises to be a great one, especially for Mitch and Cam.


They are our favorite couple on the show and this moment really solidified their place in our hearts.



Now (spoiler alert!) the couple is officially engaged! As the show takes place in California, the creators decided to tie it to reality as much as possible. They said, “Our goal really was to keep whatever story we were telling very specific to Mitch and Cam and just have the California part of it be the reason, the jumping-off point,”… “As I started writing, I became unexpectedly emotional. I teared up hearing it read. And I completely teared up seeing that moment where they both just say ‘yes’ at the exact same time. That was so moving for me. I felt like, ‘OK, maybe I got it right because I never cry at weddings.’ ”


We love this new development and knowing this couple, it may just be the best TV wedding to date.


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