The Most Competitive Oscars Yet?


While the movie going experience in the summer seemed to be riddled with remakes and a lot of surprising hits and flubs, the rest of the year seems give moviegoers a lot look forward to. There seem to be so many good choices that Harvey Weistein’s take on the situation seems about right: This year’s award season is crazy!


It may very well be crazy, but we like it that way. There’s nothing like a good surprise winner to get people to start talking and garner buzz about a show or movie. Remember all of the surprise winners in this year’s Emmys? We hope that this continues on to the Oscars. Contenders such as “Lee Daniels: The Butler”, “12 Years a Slave” “Gravity” and so many more movies getting the Oscar buzz, this year’s Oscars race may prove to be the tightest race. The great actors we know and love are just as strong as before and the new ones entering the scene demand your attention with their inescapable talent.


It’s only October. We still haven’t taken into account the Holiday/Christmas blast of movies. Could an underdog emerge and bring even more speculation to look forward to?


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