You Know You’re Big When “The Simpsons” Parodies You


The New season of the Simpsons only proved that you’re not famous until someone parodies you, and no one does a good parody better than the Simpsons. We countdown our top 5 favorite parodies that the show have taken on.


5. Behind the Music

The show “Behind the Music” was quite popular in the 90s, so it seems only right that the Simpsons would do their own episode. The original host even lent his voice for the episode.


4. Dallas

Everyone wanted to know who shot Mr. Burns and the whole campaign took a page from Dallas and their “Who shot JR?” promos.


3. The Twilight Zone

While there are a lot of nods to the great show, Treehouse of Horror episode “Terror at 5 1/2 Feet” almost took shots from “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” and replicated it almost perfectly all within the confines of a school bus.


2. The Real Housewives of …Anywhere

Big hair and every bigger personalities: The Simpsons nailed this one.


1. The Flintstones

Homer wants to get home just as badly as Fred does, and even hums the song as he goes by. It seemed that Homer was a little too eager, because unlike Fred, he crashes into a tree.


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