Getting The Perfect Balance

Creating a spin off is a hard process and requires a delicate balance of the original storyline and characters that your audience has fallen in love with and adding new things in a storyline to make the spin off it’s own entity. With the growing number of spin offs, especially in this fall’s television line ups, there are some things that we can learn from these shows.

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland: This spin off has the potential (we say that based on the 20 minute preview) to work because of the premise that the world of fairy tales is simply too big to cover in one show. Once Upon A Time has seen the appearances of many different characters, but with the spin off, there are opportunities for great cross over episodes and character development.

The Originals: This spin off does something that most do, it focuses on one particular character or group of characters and makes them the center of the new show. They usually have a very interesting backstory and some following in the original show. Being the very first vampires certainly makes for a very interesting concept to explore and placing the storyline in a completely different location creates a level of separation that allows “The Originals” to thrive on its own.

Agents of Shield: The concept is great, but it’s based on shaky ground. The whole show is meant to tie in the many marvel movies that have come out and are being produced now (Marvel is entering into Phase II of it’s movie plans). The problem is that it takes on completely new characters and hasn’t connected enough to the source material to win over the purists. But we have hope for you Joss Whedon!


Which is your favorite spin off show? What do you think makes a good spin off?


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