Down The Rabbit Hole

Although it’s considered a children’s book, Alice In Wonderland is an extremely complicated story that has intrigued people for years, and of course that makes it the perfect story for people to tell again and again while putting their own twist to it.


Sometimes it’s a reflection of the advancement of technology. When we think of the eight minute silent film made in 1903

to the one that Tim Burton made in 2010,

where 3D technology was used and Wonderland seemed to become so much more strange.


The story is also so adaptable that it can cross into several different genres of entertainment. The strangeness makes it perfect for a good parody like Betty in Blunderland, it can cross over into science fiction like the 2009 version “Alice” from the Syfy channel (the Syfy channel is a fan of remakes as it’s also working on a Wizard of Oz one as well) and sometimes he darker themes of the story are explored in several adaptations (a notable one being 1988’s Alice).


With the popularity of the story only to continue growing, we can only wonder what the entertainment industry will produce next.


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