What You Might Not Know About The Best Halloween Movie Ever

Ask almost anyone : “What’s your favorite or most iconic Halloween movie?” and the answer will probably be Hocus Pocus. Even after all the years since it premiered, it seems to only grow in popularity. Here are some things you might not have known about the movie:


1. There are scenes in the preview that never made it to the actual movie.


Like the grocery store scene. We’re pretty sure that would have been comedic gold.


2. Leonardo DiCaprio almost starred in the movie.

But he turned down the role of Max Dennison for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”.


3. The actor who played Thackery Binx, did not provide the voice for Binx the cat.

Which is a bit of a random hiccup in our book.


4. Bette Midler considers Winifred Sanderson her favorite role to date.

And can you blame her?


5. SJP actually sang “Come Little Children” for the movie


You go Sarah!


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