Learning About Others

There is a very special skill that actors acquire in the many roles that they play. Besides learning to do accents (the most popular being British, Southern, and if you’re really good Australian) you also learn the most about yourself.


Former actress Roxie Sarhangi explained it best in her article when she said, “Throughout my acting career, I have lived many lives. As an alcoholic mother, I discovered that I also have my own defense mechanism to avoid pain and negative feelings. We all do. And as someone who loves and cherishes children deeply, I had to investigate how awful my emotional life and the addiction would have to be in order for me to not be completely present for a child — and the shame that would come along with it. This was very painful to even imagine. When playing the role of a woman dying of leukemia, I explored my own mortality and learned how people cope with knowing they will die too soon. As an unassuming bag lady, I learned about hoarders and the need to control. As a self-righteous, gossip-loving Southern woman, I uncovered within me my own insecurities. On a lighter note, I also learned a Southern accent and enjoyed playing around with it at restaurants and parties. These roles, as well as a multitude of others, gave me the opportunity to judge less and learn more” (for more of the article click here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/roxie-sarhangi/my-failed-acting-career-a_b_4102115.html?utm_hp_ref=entertainment&ir=Entertainment )


The world of acting opens up a whole new world to people, but for someone who has to play a role that they have never been in in their own lives, it becomes a time for self exploration and discovering things about yourself. When people say that performers are sensitive people, in a way they are right. When you have to bring emotion into a performance, that sincerity is what makes your performance believable and what moves an audience. So the next time you see a movie performance, imagine what the actor had to do in order to get to that place emotionally.


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