Getting Back On Track

We can say, quite emphatically, that Revenge is one of our favorite tv shows! The drama, the lies, the schemes, the clothes! You can’t say no to its soapiness, nor should you. The first season was always watched with baited breath, you couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. The second season seemed to take the show on another direction: a very muddled and slightly long winded direction, but it seems we can cautiously get our hopes up because season 3 is looking pretty good and the show is returning to old form.


We love the new story lines and the fact that the show cut off some of the more some of it’s unnecessary supporting characters. (Declan we love you, but your time had come). The show has a renewed focus and a main villain in the form of the Grayson family patriarch. Spoiler Alert: now that he knows he doesn’t have Huntingtons Disease, he is no longer holding back.


We’re excited to see that Nolan has a new love interest with Victoria’s long lost son. Whether this is simply a scheme of some kind or out of genuine interest, we’re rooting for you guys. And it seems even Daniel has finally grown a backbone is becoming suspicious of his lady love, which means that the stakes are raised for Emily and her future nuptials. Overall, the new season seems to be setting the show in the right direction and we’re excited to see what will happen next.


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