Let Them Hear You Roar!


Katy Perry’s latest success with her new album is a testament to growing up, facing your struggles and coming out on top. Her music in this album ranges from anthemic to heartfelt and shows that she has a renewed sense of purpose and self love. With the past year that she has had, it seems only right that this new chapter in her life be as successful as it is.


What seems to be the secret to this success? It comes from a lot of self acceptance, quirks and all (they are what make you interesting and unique!) and your flaws. We are all human and mistakes are a part of life, but it learning from them that allows us to become better. It also seems that when have emerged from a big life turmoil, it not only puts into perspective as to what’s important, but also set new goals for yourself. People change and goals do to, reassess what you want out of life.


Most importantly, celebrate the little wins (and big ones) in life. The success that Katy has experience should serve as an inspiration for all us!



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