Literary Characters Discover the Internet

Ever since the success of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, it seems like the classic literary characters everywhere are making their own video blogs. So, if you are in need of more modernization of classic characters, try these web series.


1.A Tell Tale Vlog


Edgar Allen Poe tries to write poetry, while a sassy ghost haunting his study and giving him commentary. We know, Poe isn’t the most chipper of writers, but it’s funnier than you would think.


2. The Autobiography Of Jane Eyre


Jane Eyre is hard to modernise. Still, somehow this team have done it, and done it well. Jane is a self-aware, Tumblr-using, Harry Potter-reading student who is looking for a change.


3. The Dashwood Diaries


No matter what version of Sense and Sensibility you like, you will love this web series. The relationship between the sisters is fun to watch.


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