The True TV Ratings


In the world of show business, the true worth of TV show and movies comes from the amount of money a company is willing to shell out in order to advertise them. 30 television ads are important because they tantalize the  existing audience to keep watching and give a new one an invitation to see what they are missing. It seems that the list is out and this is how the true hierarchy of shows stacks up.


At the top is Sunday Night Football from NBC and at  the very bottom is “Beauty and The Beast” from the CW. The top rating doesn’t surprise us at all. It’s football season right now and it’s the unofficial national sport. The fans are loyal and enthusiastic. It seems though, that besides “The Vampire Diaries”, “The Originals” and “Arrow” the CW overall doesn’t seem to be getting much love from advertising, which is a shame, because the shows do have a lot of potential.


Television monsters like Scandal, Modern Family, and The Big Bang Theory are still in the top ten. The numbers come from Ad Age’s study. Although it does not consider itself is a survey compiled using data from as many as seven media-buying agencies. You can get the whole list here: http://adage.com/article/media/tv-ad-prices-football-king/244832/


Where did your favorite show rank?



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