The Age of the Quirky Kid

We work with a lot of young actors, and we’re noticing a new trend for them when it comes to television. Gone are the days when kids were in the TV shows for the cute factor. The new generation of child actors are now more likely to play more quirky kids. Some great examples would be Manny from Modern Family, Brick from The Middle, or Warren from Trophy Wife.


We are happy to see this new development. The quirk adds a bit more dimension to the actor and shows that child actors are capable of playing the saccharine child that gave way to the term “sitcom kid”. In an effort for TV shows to show more diverse families that are outside the normal dynamic of the cookie cutter nuclear family, it’s not just the adults who have changed, but the children as well.


Not all little kids can be like the ones you saw in “Leave It Beaver”, nor should they be. Besides the fact that they are different, the little oddities about these children become endearing qualities that make audiences fall in love with them and also show the more vulnerable side of the kids and the rest of the adult characters. We hope this is a trend that’s here to stay and that our great child actors can show their quirky side too!


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