When Your Favorite TV Show Ends


It’s always a sad time when your favorite TV show ends. The characters that you have come to know and love are simply no longer in our lives, and we all go through the 7 stages of moving on.


Stage 1: You re-watch every episode of however many seasons the show had, just to need to relive the magic of the show.


Stage 2: You notice strange little details that you’ve never noticed before and feel the need to tell everyone about it.


Stage 3: You follow the stars of the show on social media and see what they’re doing with their lives now.  


Stage 4: You meet someone who’s never seen your favorite show before. You then go into a 30 minute sales pitch about why they should see it and how it will change their life.


Stage 5: Your friends try to recommend other shows, but you’re just not ready for it yet.


Stage 6: You’ve finally accepted that there’s never going to be another show that you’ll ever love as much again.


Stage 7: Being completely bored, you flip through channels and find a great TV show that you didn’t know about before, and before you know it, you have a new favorite show.



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