Casting Hub Actress Signs With Zephyr Talent

Heidi Hughes

Heidi Hughes has always known that acting was what she has wanted to do, and now that she has signed with Zephyr Talent Agency, Heidi has an even great chance of making her dreams come true. Heidi’s success story started 6 months ago when she auditioned for the commercial networking service. With the help of Casting Hub, Heidi now has even more to celebrate as she has signed with Zephyr Talent.

Heidi has been in the spotlight many times and at just 10 years old, she has already gotten experience that most actors would be envious of. She has played a supporting role in “Bully, Bully: A Short Film” featuring Charity Lee, was an extra in “Hotel Rendezvous” , has appearing in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle video; and has also taken part in renditions of AnnieAladdinLittle Mermaid, and The Sound of Music.

Zephyr Talent is a perfect fit for Heidi. Zephyr Talent is a talent agency that represents actors, commercial models, performers, etc. Zephyr Talent boasts many credits including placing talent in this year’s Austin Fashion Week for designers Megan Summerville & Isabella Rose​; a commercial for Top Golf;  a commercial for Sea World; and placing talent in the film “Grow Up, Tony Phillips”.

With so much experience under her belt, it will only be a matter of time before Heidi starts to star in more prominent roles. The ambition and talent that Casting Hub first saw in Heidi will help this young star go far. Now with Casting Hub and Zephyr Talent in Heidi’s corner, Heidi is sure to be the Austin’s big star.

For more information on Casting Hub success stories, visit www.castinghubreviews.com.


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