The Book Thief


When “The Book Thief” was first published, it was an almost instant best seller and now that the movie will soon be premiering, we are looking forward to see the book transferred to the silver screen.


While there have been books about World War II, what makes this book and the subsequent movie so different is that it offers it from the perspective of (major spoiler alert!) death. The book centers around a young girl who has become orphaned by the war and is lucky enough to settle into a new family. Seeing Emily Watson and Geoffrey Rush as a married couple is a complete treat. It’s especially nice to see Geoffrey Rush (probably most easily recognized as Barbosa from Pirates of the Caribbean) play such sweet and more laid back kind of guy.


The real breakout star of the movie is Sophie Nelisse. We love seeing younger actors showing that they have just as much presence and talent as their older co-stars and Sophie is stocked to the brim of it. The whole cast looks nothing short of perfect for the roles they were given. We can’t wait to see what the movie will be like, and just how Death will be portrayed.



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