The Newest Talent for Slate Model and Talent Management

David Newton

Nine year old David Newton has done something that many young actors could only dream of. It was only 1 month ago that David first came to Tampa to audition for CASTINGHUB, a commercial networking service. The CASTINGHUB talent advisors quickly saw that David had not only undeniable talent and innate showmanship, but also an infectious smile and a very supportive family. One month later, David’s talent and hard work has earned him a spot with Slate Model and Talent Management.

When David isn’t sharpening his skill as an actor, he loves to play sports and excels in Fishing, Archery, Baseball, Golf, Football, Shooting, Jump rope, Snorkeling, and Trampoline.

Slate Model and Talent Management is the perfect place for David to learn and grow. It will help David manage his career and truly show off his marketability. “Slate Model and Talent represents women, men, and children who are models and actors.  We specialize in print work, tradeshows, runway, special events, commercials, film and television around the world. Slate Model and Talent serves areas throughout Central Florida, Tampa, Miami, nationwide and worldwide.  Our dedicated staff has over 20 years experience in the business of Model and Talent Management” (Slate Model and Talent Management website). Slate Model and Talent has placed talent in shows such as “Dexter” and in the network “Comedy Central”. They have also worked with Nike, Royal Caribbean, and Victoria Secret.

With both CASTINGHUB and Slate Model and Talent in David’s corner, it won’t take long for David Newton to become a household name. For more information on Casting Hub discoveries visit: www.castinghubreviews.com


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