A TV Show About TV

(Image originally shown on Buzzfeed)

Ever heard of “The Soup”? Well, if you haven’t, don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not about cooking or soups. In a surprising way, it’s the tv show that’s all about tv. The best way to describe the format of the show is like a very long Jay Leno opening monologue that focuses on TV show (no one is safe, not even the ones from the same network) with a few short clips and guest stars.

But like any show, the genius comes from the script writers. Joel McHale is a funny man, but he’s also a very busy one. The 19 people working on the weekly show have 1 main job: watch a lot of TV. Then they show their favorite clips to the rest of the staff and depending on the reaction of people in the room, the clip is either included or not used. Then the writers get to work and make the jokes.

What makes the show so great is that they try to have a positive attitude towards what they do. Even when the do their jokes and skits, everyone knows that those TV shows are the reason that “The Soup” can exist. If you haven’t already, check out the show!


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