Casting Hub Newcomer Signs with Same Management Company that Represented Taylor Lautner from Twilight

Casting Hub Newcomer Signs with Same Management Company that Represented Taylor Lautner from Twilight photo 1

Utah resident, Connor Wayment , has had unprecedented success come his way these past two months. His first foray into the entertainment business came when he became a Casting Hub member. Casting Hub’s talent judges saw the Connor not only had a great look, but also boundless talent to it up. Now with the help of the commercial networking, Connor has signed with Luber Roklin.

Connor got his first taste of acting when he played on of Merida’s triplet brothers in a rendition of “Brave” with the “Up With Kids” Theatre. Like other young actors in the entertainment business, he pursues many different talents so that he can be as marketable as possible. His passion for Karate as well as sports such Figure skating, Ice hockey, Snowboarding, Ice skating, Roller-blade, Snowmobile, Soccer, and Swimming make Connor versatile; and that is a very desirable trait to have in the entertainment business.

For those who aren’t familiar with Luber Roklin Entertainment, it is a prestigious management company that represents actors, writers and directors, and has a music division/distribution deal with Warner Music Group.  The company has also ventured into production and has producing credits on several films including “Evan Almighty” starring Steve Carell, and the box office hit “Bride Wars” starring Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway. Luber Roklin also put a then client, Taylor Lautner, in the movie “Twilight”.

Connor is in good hands with Luber Roklin, with the combined help of Luber Roklin and CASTINGHUB, it will only be a matter of time before Connor’s career takes off.   For more information on CASTINGHUB discoveries visit: www.castinghubreviews.com


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