Too Much Gaga?


Is there even such a thing possible?


With the release of her new album “Artpop”, Lady Gaga has been extremely busy lately, and we have been seeing almost every move she’s made. From debuting a flying dress, throwing an ArtRave for album launch party, to hosting and performing for SNL, we can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing Gaga anywhere.


The question remains: will this media blitz help album sales. Her single “Applause” is still sitting quite comfortably in the Top 10, but her album has had mixed reviews. Some people have been calling it a mix of everything and others saying that her shock tactics may be getting stale. Those who have worked with Gaga have defended the album and saying “She’s presenting an artistic view of pop music that’s a lot more challenging than anything else that’s even approaching the top of our charts now. She is risking her top success for the sake of art, and I think a lot of people don’t get that” (Bill Werde, Billboard’s Editorial Director) and David Guetta (who worked on the album said “”She’s definitely one of the most iconic artists that we have on the planet, I like the way that she works because she’s just an artist. I don’t see her as belonging to one school. She’s just art. Even though it’s pop music and it can some time have emotional (aspects), pop can also be very commercial. And I like the way that she’s doing pop in a very artistic way.”


Only time will tell if this media presence makes a difference in album sales, but we can never get tired of seeing her!


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