Movie Ratings (Part 2)

We did a post 3 months ago about the interesting shift in movies and being concerned about what kids can see. The MPAA is in charge of rating movies and deeming what is appropriate for which age group. Unfortunately, the growing trend of questionable choices seems to only be growing.


A recent study shows PG-13 movies show more gun violence than movies that are rated R. We see movies like The Dark Knight and movies similar to it,  show a lot of violence and the destruction of entire cities. While these movies clearly have a younger audience in mind, does that excuse the exposure of these movies to a younger audience.


Movies like “The Hunger Games” which show a great amount of violence, complicates the situation because it is based on young adult novels. With the rise of this genre in books and movie adaptations of these books, how does the MPAA bases its decisions. The YA genre lends itself to dystopian imagery, but the question is: should a younger audience be allowed to see these almost inherently violent movies.  


It seems that the issue won’t be going away anytime soon.


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