Our New Favorite Hero

In the slew of  all the huge superhero movies and shows that are showing up, this superhero blows them out the water!This past weekend, the city of San Francisco and the rest of America saw a wish come true for the newest hero. The Make-A-Wish Foundation helped five-year-old Miles’s dream come true and turned all of San Francisco in Gotham City in one the most heartwarming events in recent history.


Miles’s dream was to be Batman and he did just that. With the help of actors, 11000 onlookers gathered with the power of social media and the goodness of their hearts, Miles helped save Gotham. Miles got to ride a great Batmobile, fight the classic super villains in the Batman lore, and was even given the key to the city and the thumbs ups from the President of the United States.


Such an event truly warms our hearts and shows the power of positivity and what is possible when people work together to make dreams come true. We’re sure that Miles will never forget the day he got to save the city, and we’re sure that the rest of America will never forget such an event either.


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