Music for 2014

The musical landscape has been changing where musical titans from 2 years ago, like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, have now been put aside from new and emerging artists like Lorde and the media whirlwind surrounding Miley Cyrus. So what would we like to see for 2014?


1. The promised new album from Beyonce: She has been keeping people waiting for a long time for this new album which means that expectations are high for it. It has to be on the same caliber as “Single Ladies” and “Crazy in Love” so that the wait will have all been worthwhile.


2. Rihanna : We feel like she’s been churning out so much in the past few careers and maybe it’s time for a bit of a break to recoup and regroup. We love your music and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take your time making it.


3. Changing things up a little bit: For Taylor Swift in particular. As she slowly makes her transition from teen music to a more mature sound and audience, she should try experimenting with new sounds and ideas. Try your hand a little bit more of an anthemic dance song, write about things other than heartbreak (we feel like you’ve covered the topic pretty well), or whatever comes to mind.


4. The rise of new talent: Lorde and her new found success shows that you never know when the next great talent will rise and we hope to see a lot more of it in 2014. Shows like “The Voice”, “American Idol”, “The X-Factor” show that we’re brimming with talent, and we can’t wait to see them break into the music industry!


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